Food Ingredient Products

Fruit and vegetable pulps and purees:

Single strength purees such as Apricot, Dark Sweet Cherry, Plum and Nectarine are produced using locally grown fruits and perfect for inclusion in products requiring a positive flavour impact. Other fruits can be sourced on request.

Fruit juices and concentrates:

Juice concentrates of Apple, Blackcurrant and Dark Sweet Cherry are produced annually with other fruits and vegetables subject to availability. These products contain high levels of polyphenolic compounds.

Soft dried fruits:

Sweetened infused Soft Dried Blackcurrants, Cherries, Apricots and Blueberries are processed to order.

Apple pieces can be infused with various juices then dried to produce a range of Infused Dried Apple pieces suitable for use as a healthful ingredient in cereals and other dry environment foods.

Spray dried juices:

These development products are whole fruit juices spray dried in powdered form without the need for a carrier additive.

Fruit fibres:

Perfect for use in a product where additional fibre from a natural fruit source is required.