What We do

LangTech has become an ingredient processing and supply company. The company also designs and engineers food processing plants to meet customer requirements.

LangTech’s patented processing technology has the following advantages over conventional processing:

  • maximising yields from plant materials;
  • improved end-product nutritional merit;
  • improved quality (flavour, aroma, colour);
  • minimisation of waste streams, water and energy use;
  • utilisation of the same processing platform for a wide range of raw materials;
  • excellent separation of soluble and insoluble compounds;
  • preservation of intact cell walls of plant material;
  • physical extraction only, no chemicals used; and
  • reduced processing costs compared with conventional processing.

Products produced using LangTech technology and processes are pure extracts and all natural products.  The technology allows for sustainable production, greater productivity and profit gains with lower operating costs.

Langtech is an ingredients company delivering solution based products to customers operating in various market sectors.  Products produced using the LangTech process have the potential to deliver the following benefits which can assist with claims made by products using the ingredients.  These claims can include:

  • prebiotic activity;
  • unique high purity;
  • lower glycaemic index;
  • low flavour impact;
  • high levels of calcium;
  • lower gut pH;
  • increased short chain fatty acid (SCFA) production in the gut digesta.

LangTech’s products are ideal for customers seeking ingredients with high nutritional values and functionality. These products can be used by manufacturers as ingredients to help differentiate their branded products in the market.