Company Overview

LangTech commenced as a technology development company over 25 years ago. The company’s core technology is based on diffusion principles using Counter Current Extraction (CCE) technology to extract juices, fibres, flavours and colours from fruit and vegetable raw materials.  The company has since developed the technologies, processes and expertise to maximise yields and health benefits from food processing.

New investment in the company has enabled LangTech to commercialise its technology and the company is now capable of producing a wide range of ingredients based on fruits and vegetables.

Tim Lang, the inventor of the CCE processing system together with co-Director Domenic Martino, work closely with Bill Nikolovski the CEO to direct the company. Key personnel covering technical, financial and marketing aspects of the company have been engaged to drive the company towards its goal.

The processing technology is patented and is now widely used to produce a range of juices, dried fruits and nutritionally based ingredients.

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